Trends in America’s Climate and Environmental Attitudes: 2012 [new ecoAmerica report]

by ecoAmerica Marketing Manager Celina Plaza
ecoAmerica is pleased to announce the release of our 2012 report on Trends in America’s Climate and Environmental Attitudes. Each year ecoAmerica analyzes the major U.S. environmental polls. The purpose of this report is to look across several polls and data points to compare findings and bring forth the larger narrative on current American awareness, attitudes and choices on the environment and climate. The report also includes notable shifts, divides, and opportunities.
This year’s report found that Americans, after a fairly consistent decline since 2008, are now showing a slight uptick in belief and concern about climate change. It also shows that Americans are noticing the impacts of climate change on weather, seasons, and temperature. A strong majority claim to believe protecting the environment and addressing climate change are important, but they prioritize almost all other national issues above taking action on either. Additionally, political party affiliation continues to be the single strongest indicator on the divide in support for environmental and particularly climate issues.
The Trends in America’s Climate and Environmental Attitudes report is useful for understanding current American thinking on climate and the environment, and a compass for planning future environmental and climate initiatives in America.
View the full report below, or download a copy here.

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