How To Hold a Conversation with Climate Change Deniers

UK climate activist George Marshall has made a video on how to talk to climate change deniers. This is just one tactic of many, but it’s an interesting method worth testing. When approaching the conversation, Marshall recommends finding commonalities to establish you as a peer and then think about how changing their views will be of their benefit. He reminds us of the importance to be respectful, patient, and calm, but also own and hold your views. If you don’t have time to watch the full 20 minute video, his step by step example of a conservation with a denier starts at minute 16.
How to talk to a climate change denier

by George Marshall


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  1. Hi Celina,

    This is very useful; and quite a bit more constructive than my How to be a climate change ‘sceptic’ (7 September 2011) (which is a bit in your face)!

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