Cause Marketing Appeal: 83% of Americans Wish Brand Would Support Causes

A recently released Cone Cause-Evolution Study reports a staggering 83% of Americans, a figure that has doubled since 1993, say they want brands to support causes. For marketers, it offers a clear path for improving brand affinity. Additional stats on cause marketing growth are below and for more information on how to decide what cause is right for a brand to support, read this other article posted on AdAge earlier this week.
Stat of the Day: 83% Want Brands to Support Causes

Sponsorship and Cause Marketing Projected to Grow in 2012

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by Matt Charmichael

Cause marketing is a small but growing slice of the sponsorship pie, which is largely dominated by sports-related sponsorship. IEG, a Chicago firm that helps brands and organizations find the right sponsorship partners, projects sponsorship spending will slow its growth, but still rise a healthy 4.9% in 2012 to $51 billion worldwide.
In this month’s installment of the American Consumer Project, we looked at cause marketing and charitable giving trends in our different county segments.

IEG 2012 Sponsorship Report

In addition to some great data from Experian Simmons, we were struck by some stats from the Cone Cause-Evolution Study that we wanted to highlight. We cited a figure that 83% of Americans say they wish brands would support causes, and 41% have bought a product because it was associated with a cause. That figure has doubled since 1993, according to the study. Further, more than 90% think companies should consider giving in the communities in which they do business. They further want the causes to be consistent with the brand messaging and support causes that the consumers themselves find important.
The American Consumer Project focuses on geographic differences in consumer trends. The Cone study looks at other demographics as well. Millennials and moms both over-index on their support for cause-related marketing and their likelihood of trying brands that support causes they believe in.
Sports sponsorships are clearly a good fit for many brands, but with a growing number of consumers looking to brands to become involved in their communities, perhaps we’ll see a shift in the balance of that pie.

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