America, Want Some Easy Money ($3.5 Billion!)? Recycle.

No, we’re not talking about $0.05 from recycling your soda bottles. Companies like USell and Gazelle offer consumers an easy, efficient way to get cash for their old electronics. Awareness about these services that tie economic value to waste reduction should be raised. In these economically-challenging times, consumers should be jumping on the chance to get cash for their unused goods, but as this infographic shows below, American consumers are literally throwing away $3.5 billion dollars each year.
Read the full article from Crisp Green below.

Is Cell Phone Recycling America’s New Cash Crop?

by Beth Buczynski


Forget about hawking your gold jewelry. The secret to finding cash when you need it could be sitting in your garage or the bottom of your junk drawer.

During Pollution Prevention Week, we talked about multiple ways that you can dispose of used electronics in an environmentally-responsible fashion. One suggestion was recycling them through a service that might actually give you cash for your outdated cell phones, computers, and other gadgets.
Today, we ran across this infographic that details the incredible profits possible through cell phone recycling alone.
The EPA estimates over a billion wireless phones are gathering dust in households across America, and e-waste is currently the fastest growing waste stream in America.
What would happen if we recycled those items responsibly instead of trashing or forgetting about them?
We’d be $3.5 billion richer, that’s what.

Graphic courtesy of uSell: All electronics traded through uSell’s partners are either resold for reuse or responsibly recycled depending on their condition.


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