Genius Design Innovation: The Melt Tag Saves Trees and Your Skin

Good This GOOD article introduces a zero-chemical paper soap "Melt Tag" that allows consumers to easily and safely "wash before wear" their new clothing and eliminates the use of wasteful disposable tags.



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March 28, 2011

Genius Design Innovation: The Melt Tag Saves Trees and Your Skin

by Elisa Huang

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In terms of re-inventing the everyday, the Melt Tag concept is genius. Each tag is made from a paper soap compound that dissolves in water. Before wearing a new garment, most manufacturers recommend first washing it so that traces of the dyes and chemicals used to treat it don't come in contact with your skin. When your garment has a Melt Tag, you can simply toss your shirt right into the wash, tag and all, for a spiffy fresh clean, no scoop of detergent needed.

Can you imagine if Melt Tags replaced those ubiquitous disposable tags that come attached to almost every piece of new clothing you buy? Not only would these little guys reduce paper consumption and waste, they'd make it easier to protect skin from harmful chemicals.

Korean designers Lim Jonghoon, Kim Sangbyum, Ahn Junseop, and Park Yuna created this cool concept, which recently won a Red Dot design award. Can we start making these soon, guys?

Image from Red Dot Online

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