Nissan Leaf’s Strangely Moving Polar Bear Ad (VIDEO)

Nissan Leaf This new Nissan Leaf ad was launched during the NFL's season opener last Thursday, September 9th. The spot has been receiving rave reviews from environmental bloggers for a good mixture of poignancy, interest and hope. The ad follows a polar bear's trek from his home on a melting piece of ice in the arctic through various urban and suburban landscapes until he or she eventually reaches a home where the electric Nissan Leaf is parked outside. The owner of the electric car is at first caught off-guard by the large creature, but then they both fully embrace, the bear apparently hugging the man to thank him for choosing an electric vehicle. The ad is a great example of an emotional appeal to the consumer without being too threatening or fatalistic about the environment. It maintains a tone of curiosity and ends with hope and warmth. 

Posted September 10, 2010

By The Huffington Post 

Nissan's new ad for the Leaf, its much-anticipated entrance into the electric car field, somehow combines melting ice caps, an electric car, a polar bear and a strangely moving man-and-animal embrace.

The ad has already earned some raves from eco-minded bloggers. Good says the ad's "irreverence is perfectly tuned.Ecorazzi notesthat it ends in an "Awww."

BrandChannel notes that the ad was launched on Thursday's National Football League opener, and says the ad takes a tiny bit of political license:

It's interesting, too, that for the ad, Nissan positioned Leaf in a driveway, untethered – not in a garage where it's actually likely to be found each morning, connected by a cord to an electrical outlet, when an owner leaves the house to get into the vehicle for the commute.

WATCH: Nissan Leaf, Polar Bear Commercial

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