Bioserie iPhone 4 Cases Made From Plants

Digitrends  On September 5th, the blog Digital Trends reported on a new plant-based iPhone cover made by the company Bioserie. According to the post, these biodegradable covers are becoming more and more popular amongst consumers and are being produced by several companies, another of which is called Grove. There are covers in the works for other Apple devices, as well as hopefully some non-Apple products too. 

Posted Sept. 5, 2010
By Digital Trends

These new iPhone 4 cases from Bioserie, come from plants of all things, and should be biodegradable. 

Seeing iPhone cases being made from renewable resources, such as these bamboo ones from Grove, is slowly becoming more of a common sight. Adding to this eco-friendly mix now is bioserie, who is expanding its line of iPhone cases made from bioplastics to include models for the iPhone 4.

bioserie said its new iPhone 4 cases, which will be available by early September for around $35, are made from a new proprietary blend of biobased components that come from “annually renewable plant material.” The company says its new cases, being fully biobased, contain no toxic ingredients and offer lightweight protection – 0.4 ounces – for one’s iPhone. Part of the case design includes something called screen protection feet, which reportedly allows safe facedown placement of your mobile.

Each case will sport a textured surface allowing for better comfort and grip. Available color choices will include black, white, orange, two shades of green and red. Eco cases are also in the works for the iPad and this, along with the iPhone 4 model, joins a line up of offerings for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch and iPod nano.

“We believe it is possible to en
joy technology without harming the fragile ecosystems of our Earth,” said Kaya Kaplancali, bioserie CEO, in a statement. “We’re exploring the cutting-edge of green science to develop products that allow consumers to enjoy their iPhone 4 and other Apple devices in an environmentally-responsible way.”

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