Adding Insult to Injury

GALLUP Things haven’t been going well for the environment recently.  National ‘cap and trade’ climate legislation appears dead, California AB-32 is under significant attach, and Senator Voinovich (R-OH) is poised to launch an attack on the Clean Air Act ob behalf of power plants.

Now Gallup — the widely known and trusted polling organization is casting
its vote on the environment too. has made a subtle yet major to
change to their homepage tabs, replacing "Environment" with "Wellbeing."

Gallup has surveyed and chronicled public concern about the environment and
support for climate and environmental legislation over the past three
decades.  That support has been declining, most precipitously over the past
two years.  And like politicians, Gallup responds to attitudes that impact
their own “Wellbeing.”  So, after who knows how long, Gallup has demoted
environment to a secondary, or perhaps tertiary issue.  What can we do about

We need a new approach.  More and more foundations and NGOs are realizing
that climate and other ecosystem scale environmental problems are actually
social problems.  We need to engage and build American public support for
public policy.

By Lia Benvenuti

July 27, 2010

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