Climate Change Still Ranks As Top Global Issue

Environmental leader logo2 According to a survey recently completed by HSBC and called Global Pulse, 38% of respondents to a global survey viewed climate change and environmental issues as the top global issues, more than any other issue. The 2044 respondents came from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Vancouver, London, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Sydney. The information is most interesting in comparison to the surveys which show that in the U.S., fewer Americans consider climate change a threat than even two years ago.

Posted Apr. 27, 2010
By Environmental Leader

Taken together, climate change and the environmental rank as the top
issue facing the world, according to Global
survey by HSBC Bank.

 About 38 percent of the 2044 people surveyed said so, followed by the
economy (35 percent), terrorism (33 percent), poverty (25 percent), and
unemployment/jobs (21percent).

Energy came in at No. 6, at 19 percent.

Survey respondents in 11 cities around the world were asked to list
what they viewed as the top three issues facing the world.

Water supplies/clean water was picked by 18 percent of respondents.

Survey respondents were distributed as thus: 200 participants per
market in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Washington, D.C.;
121 in Toronto; 94 in Vancouver; 228 in London; 199 in Hong Kong; and
201 in Sao Paulo and Sydney.

Climate change ranks

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