Climate & Environmental Attitudes in America: 2010

EA flag According to a recent Newsweek article, “Millions of Americans have changed their minds about global warming over the past two years – deciding it isn’t happening, or isn’t due to human activities such as burning coal and oil, or that it isn’t a serious threat.” Click here to view an ecoAmerica analysis of recent major environmental polls including Pew, Gallup and Yale/George Mason that show similar decreasing support for climate legislation.

Why is this surprising? Since 2006, with the premiere of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” there has been an unprecedented effort by environmentalists to build support for domestic and international policy solutions to climate change. At the same time, climate change deniers have launched an opposing campaign.

Who won? Check out the analysis of the major environmental polls (Pew, Gallup, Yale/George Mason) on the attached .pdf. You can download it here.George mason logo Yale forum logo Gallup logo

Pew Research Center logo

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