Tide Goes Into the Cold with New Ad Spot

Sustainable Life Media Tide's new Coldwater line of detergent is being advertised, not on its environmental benefits, but on its ability to save the customer money.  You can read more and watch the new ad below.

Posted Sept. 2, 2009

By Sustainable Life Media

Tide, a laundry detergent brand from Proctor & Gamble, recently launched a new TV ad campaign for its Coldwater line as seen below.

While promoting the benefits of brightening action even at lower
temps, Tide has also prominently stated that one can "Save up to $10 on
your energy bill with every 100oz. bottle." The finer print explains,
"By switching from warm/cold to cold/cold for all loads in a vertical
axis washing machine with an electric heater set at 140 deg. F."

Interestingly, not one mention of green or sustainable benefits by
doing so, but rather a focus simply on the monetary savings from
reduced energy usage. This is understandable since a 30 second spot
only has so much time for benefits and creative, and too much info
leads to hindered brand recall.

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  1. I just blogged about this same thing yesterday. As you correctly point out, Tide focused on the cost savings rather than the C02 savings. That’s probably the right approach when you are selling something to the mass market. Bonus points to Tide for using Digable Planets for the music!

  2. I’m glad we’re on the same track, Nathan 🙂

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