Consumers Demand Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Life Media jpegNew research by Pike Research forecasts greatly increased consumer demand of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the next five years as the vehicles become available.

Posted Sept. 10, 2009

By Sustainable Life Media

A new study by Pike Research indicates that demand for Plug-in
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) will skyrocket after the first
generations are introduced in 2010, to 600,000 vehicles by 2015.

Consumer interest in PHEV's has continually gained momentum in
recent months due to the superior fuel economy and emissions reductions
offered by the vehicles. Finding s indicate that more than 48% of
consumers surveyed would be very interested in purchasing a plug-in
hybrid that could travel 40 miles per charge. This distance limit
conforms to the majority of consumers driving habits – with the average
daily travel at 27 miles.

The rise of plug-in hybrids does create uncertainty around
logistics, including the quantity and availability of public charging
stations and the costs associated with them. And while this is also a
major factor in the purchasing decision, it could be offset by the 79%
of respondents who would consider investing in charging infrastructure
for their homes.

The plug-in hybrid market has been receiving a lot of attention lately, following the announcement of many major car companies (BMW and Honda to name a couple) that they will sell electric vehicles in the coming years, many by 2010.

Read the full report by Pike Research here.

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