New Study Into Sustainable Foods and Beverages Sees Opportunity

Sustainable Life Media jpeg Despite the recession, consumers are continuing to put a high value on products that affect their quality of life and will pay a premium for them.

Posted Aug. 19, 2009
By Sustainable Life Media

In a joint study across 20 foods and beverage categories by the
Hartman Group and Packaged Facts, sustainability-minded consumers had
some interesting habits worth noting. Even though they've tightened
their spending like others, they're also less likely to modify their
purchases in product categories they see as essential to their quality
of life; that being food. A range of individuals were willing to pay up
to a 20% cost premium.

These findings fall in line with the Hartman Group's previous studies and beliefs on consumers' prioritized values,
in which people care in geographic zones about: what goes in the body,
followed by on the body, in the home, the local community, and then the
world. So if people become gradually more knowledgeable about the
environmental, social, and economic implications that foods and
beverages carry, it's inferred that their purchases will increasingly
include sustainable attributes complementary to their primary health
benefits. Also noteworthy is that many attributes of what people
described as quality eating experiences, particularly freshness, also
came up as properties of sustainable foods and beverages.

So in these more challenging economic times, in order to save money
and buy sustainable food, many people are increasingly shopping at
discount retailers. Supermarkets in response are seeing the value of
sustainable attributes in their private-labels which typically have
lower price points and higher margins – thus making the mental space
for what the study calls "sustainable-at-a-discount shopping." This
would also allow for additional categories that could also fit the
agenda, including those that may fit the concept of "local."

Additional reports in development will focus on OTC medications and supplements, personal care items, and household cleaners. Click here for more information.

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