Green Works Becomes a Green Brand Leader

Beneath the Brand This post discusses the success of Clorox's Green Works product line and its recognition as a top green brand and ownership of part of the cleaning products market in such a short time.  It succeeds because it doesn't fall into some of the traps other natural cleaning products do.  It's mainstream, it's affordable and it had a smart corporate team behind its release.

Posted Aug. 6, 2009

By Kenneth Zenger, Beneath the Brand

Clorox has done a phenomenal job with its Green Works product line.
The company known for making bleach has developed an all natural
cleaning product that was recently voted the #1 U.S. Image Power Green works logo Green
Brand in WPP’s 2009 Green Brands Global Survey. The Green Works product
line started as a personal cause from a group of marketers and
scientists at the company. These people took the concept of “natural
lifestyle” and attempted to merge it into the cleaning category.

The natural cleaning category is full of products that simply don’t
work, are very expensive, or are difficult for consumers to find. The
Green Works product line solves many of these problems. Clorox, through
Green Works, has developed a unique version of green in which a team
works as its own entity within the larger corporation. This team of
marketers and scientist were able to tap into Clorox’s resources to
build a product line and a brand from the ground up and fulfill their
vision of developing a natural lifestyle cleaner.

Green Works had to define “natural” because there was no previous
standard in the industry for the team to draw upon. Such definition was
then communicated through the look and feel of product packaging,
website, press releases, and advertising pieces. One look at the
brand’s microsite and visitors will quickly understand the vision for an all natural cleaning product.

The new product line is a success and somewhat of a branding
miracle. It has become a recognizable green brand in a relatively short
time. It is not only a viable product from a sales perspective, but
also an agent of change in the world for environmental sustainability.
Aside from its product offerings, Green Works also actively engages in
eco-friendly community projects, educates consumers with tips for going
green, publishes an environmental awareness newsletter, “Shades of
Green,” and is a partner of the Sierra Club.

Due to increasing environmental awareness, Green Works will likely
implement exciting new products, programs, and ideas that will not only
ring up increased sales for Clorox, but will also help define corporate
environmental sustainability practices.Green works line

Kenneth Zenger is a columnist with experience in media, Internet development, and global marketing.  Click here to find out more.

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  1. I agree on many of your points, but it’s misleading not to point out that Clorox has failed to integrate its “Green Works” sustainability into its corporate culture or other brands. So, in an insular way, yes, this is a success, but I’m not at all convinced that Clorox is changing on a more Macro level.

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