The Vegetable Assassin Takes Aim

Ninjin A nonprofit called Do The Green Thing that aims to help people live a greener life has released a new ad called, "Ninjin: The Way of the Vegetable Assassin."  The ad uses humor to capture the viewers' attention but is it really going to change your mind or your behavior?

Watch the ad below: The ad uses humor to get the audience's attention, but is it successful in pushing its point (that people show buy seasonal produce)?  While I enjoyed watching the commercial, I didn't feel any more inclined to buy seasonal produce as a result.  The ad fails to follow through because it doesn't rely on any values oriented language and doesn't explain why the issue in question is personally relevant.  What is the benefit to me of buying seasonal produce?  Is it patriotic?  Is it going to be affordable?   This ad could have been ten times more effective if they had overlapped values messaging into the commercial.  It's not enough for your ad to go viral if it's not going to drive the point home to a mainstream audience.

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  1. Hmmm, not sure there’s such a straightforward formula for effective comms as whether or not ‘values-oriented language’ or benefits are used.
    Plus it depends who a piece of communications is aimed at – it’s hard to properly assess effectiveness without knowing the audience for whom it was intended.
    Sure anything online is accessible to all but in this case the message was specifically targeted at people who understand the concept of food that’s in/out of season and need to be inspired to do something about it.

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