Consumers Buying More ‘Green’ Since Start of Recession

Environmental leader jpeg A new study that polled consumers in the United States, the UK and Japan shows that people are paying more attention to green products now than they were before the recession.

  • The percentage of consumers placing emphasis on green products when making purchasing decisions went from 15% (pre-recession) to 16%.
  • Price remains by far the most important consideration.

Posted May 12, 2009
By Environmental Leader

Pre recessionCountering some other research, a new study shows that consumers in
the United States, UK and Japan have placed more emphasis on buying
so-called “green” items than they did before the recession began, among
other attributes they consider during purchasing.

Furthermore, those surveyed expect to buy even more green items once
the recession bottoms out, according to the survey from Penn, Schoen
& Berland Associates and advertising agency JWT.

Still, consumers said prices is the biggest barrier to purchasing
green items and services. Among U.S. consumers, 35 percent share that
viewpoint, with corresponding figures of 31 percent in the UK and 43
percent in Japan, according to a press release.

By and large, teens say they are passing on green purchases in order to save money. A different survey shows that four of five consumers are purchasing green items.

Fifty-four percent of shoppers consider
environmental sustainability characteristics in their buying decisions;
however, only 22 percent actually buy green products on their shopping
trips, according to a new study released by the Grocery Manufacturers

Here is a look at consumer perceptions now and how they expect to base purchasing decisions after the recession.NowAfter the recession


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