Climate Deniers: Working Against Themselves

BobEcoamerica_stamp There are of course, two sides to the climate debate.  On one hand we have climate solutions advocates.  They claim not only that our planet is in grave danger from global warming, but also that solving the problem will make America more prosperous and secure by lowering our costs for energy, creating new domestic industries and jobs, and reducing our dependence on foreign controlled energy.

On the other side are folks who either deny the reality of global warming or the benefits of solving it.  Many of these deniers agree with the science of global warming and recognize the visible impacts, but claim that relying on carbon fuels leads to a healthier, more prosperous and secure America.

Both can’t be right.

When you look at both the messaging and tactics of the opposing parties interesting patterns begin to emerge.  The climate solutions advocates ground their arguments in science and economics.  For the deniers, the science and economics are superficial.   Deniers are motivated by political and social factors.  They are champions of small government or creationism.  Regardless of whether global warming is real and whatever its impacts, they see it as representing a fundamental challenge to their beliefs.  If global warming is real, science is real, and that undermines belief in creationism.  If global warming is a big problem that requires big government solutions, it usurps the rightful prominence of families and communities in our social lives.

What happens if global warming is a scientific issue that has to be resolved, and we delay that resolution for social or political reasons?  The longer we delay addressing the issue, the bigger the problem and the bigger the necessary solutions. 

Most social conservatives went off track by continuing to support the Bush Republicans after it became obvious that they were not sticking to conservative principles.  Instead of the expected generation of Republican leadership of America, unless the Democrats screw up too, it is now more likely that we will face a generation of Democratic leadership of America.

Social conservatives are making the same mistakes on climate.  By denying their heritage as conservatives on nature – conservationists – and letting the pollution problems build, they are jeopardizing their own goals and values.  When solutions are finally implemented, they may need to be more drastic than anything the social conservatives ever imagined.

Bob Perkowitz

Bob Perkowitz, Founder and Chairman, ecoAmerica

Bob Perkowitz is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, writer, investor
and distance cyclist. Over the past 25 years Bob has been President of
direct marketing and manufacturing organizations with revenues ranging
to $600 million, including Cornerstone Brands, Smith+Noble and Joanna
Western Mills. He currently is Managing Partner of VivaTerra LLC,
Chairman of Potenco, Inc., President of Paradigm Management, Inc., a
Director of SRAM, Inc., and a partner in Firebrand Partners, LLC and
Arqua Equity Partners, LLC. In the non-profit sector, in addition to
his work with ecoAmerica, Bob is also on the board of the Environmental
Defense Fund, Environmental Defense Fund of North Carolina and the
Queens University Learning Society. He also serves on the Sierra Club’s
National Advisory Council and served a Trustee of the Sierra Club
Foundation from 2001-2007. Bob received a B.S. in Social Thought from
Lake Forest College and an M.B.A. from Lake Forest Graduate School of
Management. He resides in San Francisco and Charlotte, NC with his wife
Lisa Renstrom. Bob has ridden his bike across North and South America,
Australia and Europe and is currently trying to figure out how to ride
across Africa and Asia.

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  1. Good day Bob, thank you for your time. I ask you what is the largest gas emitted into the atmoshere?
    Fact-Other countries adopting such a tax have lost more jobs than gain. Fact-1 in 5 oil refineries will shut down in the continental US. Fact-This will be the largest tax imposed on the society in US history.
    No disrespect sir, but I truly feel this cap and trade will crush the private sector in the future decades. Creation of the light bulb, creation of elctricity, creation of the telephone, inventors and creative thinkers. I do not want big government squashing such a great nation.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Dollar…
    Any citations on your “Facts?” Otherwise they are just disputable “claims.” The exact same claims some special interests make every time there’s a human health, safety (seat belts), or environmental interest at stake. Fortunately they have NEVER been right in the past, and are likely not right this time.

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