ReCharge America with CT4O and ecoAmerica – Monday, Jan. 19th, 2009

ReCharge America Home Savings Tune Up Saves Americans Money and Helps the American Economy on the National Day of Service and Beyond

Join ecoAmerica this Monday, January, 19th, 2009 and help ReCharge America.

Answering Barack Obama’s call for community service, has been launched to help Americans save as much as or even more than $600 per year on energy costs, while saving energy and contributing to the revitalization of the American economy simply by tuning up their homes for energy efficiency.   

A project of Clean Tech for Obama (CT4O), a volunteer network of clean tech and green business leaders and ecoAmerica, a socially entrepreneurial non-profit, the ReCharge America campaign offers Americans easy steps and helpful tools to start saving energy and money on their energy bills, with additional tools and next steps to engage their friends, families and neighbors.  The ReCharge America Home Savings Tune up helps Americans and at the same time allows them to take meaningful action supporting  one of the nation’s most pressing challenges – clean, affordable energy – on the National Day of Service, January 19.

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“With volatile energy prices negatively impacting the national economy and family budgets, every American has a stake in resolving the nation’s energy crisis and we all have a role to play,” said Lisa Ling, a special correspondent for the National Geographic Channel, and the Oprah Show.  “ReCharge America shows Americans how they can serve their country and communities, while making their homes more energy efficient and generating savings for the family budget.”

The engine of the ReCharge America campaign is an interactive toolkit, the ReCharge America Home Energy Savings Tune-Up Kit, which offers 10 easy steps for Americans to make their homes more energy efficient. The campaign is also driven by a public service announcement video narrated by journalist, Lisa Ling, as well as a grass roots outreach effort, teleconference training, and other activities to be announced on the website. The video and toolkit helps Americans take the key first steps on home energy savings, inspires them to reach out to their neighbors, and provides information on next steps, grants and programs that can lead to even bigger savings for our homes and nation.

“This is a chance for Americans to take the lead in the economic recovery.  As the President-elect has said the campaign wasn’t about him, it was about the American people,” said Bob Perkowitz, CEO of ecoAmerica.  “Like the Victory Gardens of World War II or the civil rights marches of the 1960’s, Recharge America empowers Americans to rebuild their communities through simple but crucial actions to save energy.”

Local in focus, but national in reach, ReCharge America is based on the concept that a critical action that each American needs to take to get the nation back on track is to use energy efficiently at home.

“The steps toward energy efficiency are easy, everyone can do them, and many Americans have likely wanted to take them for some time.  Now, as part of the National Day of Service, they have an even greater reason to start.  Saving energy is patriotic, and ecoAmerica and CT4O are proud to lead the charge on making our homes and communities as energy efficient as possible, generating a brighter future for America,” said Lisa Renstrom, Co-Chair of ReCharge America.

Recharge America’s goal for the National Day of service is to whet the appetite of Americans to make their homes more energy efficient – saving money and serving the nation at the same time.

“These low-cost energy saving solutions are the ultimate win-win, serving both household and nation.  To resurrect the American dream, we must become the most energy productive country in the world.”

To learn more about the ReCharge America campaign, help yourself, friends and neighbors save money and energy, and to download the Home Energy Savings Tune Up toolkit go to or join the Facebook group for ReCharge America.

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