One Third of Consumers Will Buy Green Gadgets, and Other Interesting Stats

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With the recession going strong and the holiday season growing to a close, it's interesting to see that one recent survey shows that consumers continue to demand green gadgets and that the demand is growing despite the economic slowdown.

Posted Dec. 12, 2008
By Jaymi Heimbuch, treehugger

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The Consumer Electronics Association has conducted a survey that
shows a rising consumer demand for green gadgets. A full one third of
those surveyed said they plan to buy green versions of their gadgets in
the next year.

Read on for more of the interesting results from the survey.

960 adults were surveyed on the web. That isn't a huge sample
population, so take the details with a dash of salt. But the big
picture is undeniable: consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and
demanding about greener gadgets. Yaaaay!

Highlights from the survey, broken down by the Environmental Leader:

Familiarity with green terminology is high for
established terms such as recyclable (86%) or energy efficiency (76%),
but lower for emerging terms such as carbon footprint (33%).

Awareness of green labels and logos
follows a similar pattern. Eighty-two percent of online adults
recognize the Energy Star logo and 86% recognize the recycling arrows,
but only 16% recognize the certified organic product logo.

Awareness of appliances with green attributes tops awareness of computers with similar attributes (50% vs. 17%).

Women tend to be more green than men: For example,
66% of women say they always shut off lights when not in use compared
to 52% of males. Men and women recycle at about the same rates though.
The teenage segment of the population exhibits fewer green behaviors.
About 4 in 10 turn off the lights when not in use and about one-third

Fifty-five percent of consumers consider themselves to be environmentally conscious,
while only 44% of teens fall into this category. 74% believe companies
should do more to protect the environment, but only 53% think their
personal actions have a significant impact on the environment.

About half of consumers express suspicion regarding the green claims
made by some companies. Sixty-five percent of consumers think some
companies are overstating how environmentally friendly their products
are in order to sell more.

Consumers want an easy way to determine if and why a product is green. The majority (59%) want to know the specific attributes that make a CE product green, while 41% only want to know whether it is or isn’t.

And our favorite stats from the study:
Over half (55%) of consumers plan to engage in more environmentally friendly behaviors over the next 12 months.

About one-third of consumers expect to make some type of green CE purchase over the next 12 months.

All of this is great news, and we'll see how the industry is absorbing this mindset at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. We'll be there to get the scoop on the greenest of the gadgets.

If someone is going to buy an electronic, it might as well be a green one.

Via Consumer Electronics Press Release

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