ACVS Summary Report Now Available

Acvs_logo_finalThe American Climate Values Survey provides critical insights on the attitudes and behaviors of Americans with respect to the climate crisis and the environment generally.  Using a powerful psychographic framework, the ACVS provides actionable guidance on who to engage and messaging approaches to move America forward on a path towards sustainability and the new green economy.  To succeed, we must Start With People and the ACVS shows the way.

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  1. A very interesting finding on page 17 of the October 2008 American Climate Values Survey that only 18 percent of survey respondents strongly believe that climate change is real, human-caused and harmful. It would be useful in the climate change discussion to address issues such as the dynamic nature of our planet and how it has built-in mechanisms to counter-act changes caused either by nature or mankind. Additionally, a whole separate discussion on the adaptability of mankind, without government intervention, to changes in climate would be useful. Finally, a discussion of the negative unintended consequences of forced government intervention into climate areas should be debated. I think the lack of serious discussion of these areas in the mainstream causes the above number to be low.

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