NGO Endorsements Carry Weight With Consumers

Consumers trust NGOs to give credibility to businesses and investment opportunities.  As a result, NGOs are able to be a check on any greenwashing.  Maybe more companies will consider making their green products reliable enough that they can definitely get an NGO endorsement.

Ngo_endorsement_jpeg Posted March 27, 2008, Environmental Leader

Three in four consumers say their purchasing and, to lesser but
growing degree, investment decisions are influenced by non-government
environmental groups or NGOs, according to research from Peppercom and Media-Screen.

In addition, the survey of 300 plus consumers and 100 plus business
executives found that a company’s green efforts are more credible when
endorsed by third-party environmental groups whose efforts have an
impact on their local community. But most companies interested in going
green have not figured out which environmental groups they should
partner with, nor how to work with them on policy development and

Most consumers say NGO Web sites, along with friends and family and
Web search engines, are the most trustworthy sources of information on
companies’ environmental practices. They look for information on
everything from manufacturing practices and positions on environmental
policies to support for green causes and interaction with consumers in
encouraging eco-friendly practices. While Greenpeace, the Sierra Club
and the World Wildlife Fund were cited as top sources, dozens of
regional and local organizations were also mentioned.

Although a number of companies have forged partnerships with NGOs (Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund have tackled global water quality and Clorox and the Sierra Club recently worked together on the rollout
of a green product line, to name just two), the study revealed that a
significant percentage do not, citing lack of trust or common goals,
and uncertainty on which NGOs to seek out.

EL covered the impetus behind many of these partnerships earlier this week.

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