Trends in Consumer Actions to Protect the Environment

Environmental_leader_jpegsOriginally posted March 16, 2008
Environmental Leader

In the current wave of the environmental movement, there is quite a bit of talk. But research from Natural Marketing Institute
shows that there is also quite a bit of action. The general population
has slightly increased the frequency of various green activities, as
shown above.


Modest increases are seen in energy and water conservation efforts,
and boycotting a brand or company increased 10 percent since 2006.
Consumers seem to be holding companies more accountable for their
actions in terms of environmental protection and ethical practices.

About three in ten consumers now report they participated in a
household hazardous waste collection day – an increase of more than 50
percent since 2006. Consumers do appear to be identifying small and
large changes they can make in their lives to be sensitive to the
environment, and engaging even in activities that require moderate
investments of their time and energy.

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