Women more susceptible to ‘green’ brands

Madcouk_jpegOriginally posted Feb. 27, 2008
By Arif Durrani, mad.co.uk

It’s official, women are more likely than men to pay extra for brands
claiming to have green credentials, confirms international advertising
specialist Euro RSCG today.

According to a study by the Havas agency, which claims to be the
first carbon neutral communications agency in the UK, more than half of
women (51 per cent) are willing to pay extra for a brand if it is
environmentally friendly, compared with just 39 per cent of men.

The research from the agency behind ads for brands bmi, Peugeot and
Citroen, also reveals that brands who promote their
environmentally-friendly credentials are perceived more positively by
women (63 per cent) than men (52 per cent).

In general, men believe claims regarding the impact of climate
change are “a bit over-exaggerated” and 14 per cent actually think
poorly of brands promoting their green credits.

The findings come after a nationwide survey of 1,000 adults and will
be officially unveiled at the ISBA Annual Conference tomorrow.

Russ Lidstone, chief strategy officer at Euro RSCG, said: “The male
starting point tends to be more sceptical and cynical both in terms of
the reality of climate change and business’s attempts to address it.

“Brands trying to engage men with a green message are already up
against a number of perceptual barriers before they even begin to

The results of Euro RSCG’s research comes in the same month image
specialist Getty warned marketers about trying to “out-green” each
other in the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds.

In its own report, Getty advised brands against “greenwashing” the consumer by making false or exaggerated claims.
it comes to the visual language of the environment, we are in danger of
killing it as a meaningful symbol with visual cliché,” said Lewis
Blackwell, creative advisor of Getty Images.

“The first lesson we must learn in order to grab any attention is to
make ‘Death to Environmentalism’ our mantra and kill off the clichés of

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