Greenwashers Get Site Of Their Very Own

Environmental_leader_jpegsOriginally posted Dec. 11, 2007
Environmental Leader

Green advertisers could soon get more eyeballs than they want. Enviromedia Social Marketing, which has been reporting from Bali for Environmental Leader, is launching the EnviroMedia Greenwashing Index
and is calling on consumers to send examples of both good and bad green
marketing campaigns. The site will feature TV, print and online ads.
Visitors can then rank the ads.

“Awareness of greenwashing is starting to catch on – just like
consumer concerns about climate change have in 2007,” says EnviroMedia
CEO Valerie Davis. “This new Web site is the world’s first interactive
online forum for educating consumers on the criteria for recognizing
greenwashing.  It’s our hope consumers will know greenwashing when they
see it, and that this will compel companies to strive for true green
improvements that make their environmental marketing more genuine.”

EnviroMedia will reveal a compilation of the consumer greenwashing
submissions and illustrate how consumers believe the ads stack up on
its Greenwashing Index on Jan. 7, a day before the U.S. Federal Trade
Commission holds its “Eco in The Market” forum in Washington, D.C., to
address green advertising claims. The FTC recently announced it will accelerate by one year a review of its environmental marketing guidelines, due to a rapid rise in green advertising.

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