Consumers Want More Than Green Promises From Companies: Report

Green_biz_jpegOriginally posted Nov. 7, 2007

Companies face a backlash if they
cast a green smokescreen without any action, according to a new
consumer report by branding and marketing agency BBMG.

The emergence of the "conscious
consumer" is raising expectations for companies to take concrete action
to mitigate any impact on the environment, the BBMG Conscious Consumer
Report found.

The research comes amid an increasing onslaught of company announcements touting green credentials and goals. A study
released last month suggests consumers were becoming weary of companies
that seemed to use green attributes as a marketing ploy.

BBMG cautioned companies to take heed.

"In a world of green clutter, conscious consumers expect companies
to do more than make eco-friendly claims," said BBMG Founding Partner
Raphael Bemporad. "They demand transparency and accountability across
every level of business practice. Avoiding the green trap means
authentically backing your words with socially responsible actions."

Whole Foods was chosen as the report’s most socially responsible
company, followed by Newman’s Own, Wal-Mart, Burt’s Bees, General
Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Ben & Jerry’s.

The report found that core values impact consumer behavior and
shopping patterns. For instance, 90 percent of respondents would
probably support companies that made energy efficient products while
certain attributes, such as where the product is made and health
benefits, are gaining in importance.

BBMG teamed with Global Strategy Group and Bagatto for the
research, which combined field observations with a survey of 2,007
people in three U.S. markets.

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