Telling Little Green Lies

Business_week_jpegsOriginally posted Sept. 24, 2007
by Mark Scott at BusinessWeek

living—everything from recycling to buying organic food or cloth
diapers—is a hot issue in Britain. Some 56% of 1,580 people polled in
July and August by insurer Norwich Union said living an ecologically
irresponsible life was as much a taboo these days as drunk driving.

That may explain why
a staggering 90% of those surveyed said they had lied to friends and
neighbors about living in an earth-friendly way.

Women were most likely to feel pressure to cut their carbon footprint.
Less than half the men said a green lifestyle was a social requirement
in Britain.

What prompts so many to prevaricate rather than go green? One-fifth of
survey participants said they didn’t know how to make their lives more
eco-responsible. And, says James Dalby, a fund development manager at
Norwich Union, almost half said that sustaining such a lifestyle was
too expensive.

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