Trevor McDonald launches ‘Future Friendly’ logo


Publisher:  Pam Caulfield
Published: 06/09/2007 – 11:44:06 AM

Newsreader Trevor McDonald has launched
the ‘Future Friendly’ logo to help shoppers buy products which save
energy and water or reduce waste.

Top environmental organisations and consumer brands have joined forces
to create the initiative to inspire people to live more sustainable

A launch report backed by the Energy Saving Trust, Global Cool, Waste
Watch and Waterwise, revealed that sustainable living could soon become
the social `norm’ with 49% believing it is down to the individual to
beat climate change.

The study by Future Laboratory also found that 72% say they care about
saving the environment and 47% believe environmental awareness marks a
good citizen from a bad one.

While politicians scored 5% as a key influencer, the media holds the
most potential to change behaviour – TV scoring 51%, newspapers 34% and
the internet 26%.

According to the research, 68% of those surveyed said that the notion
of "green" would soon become obsolete – not through any lack of
interest but rather that the majority viewed behaviours like recycling
(91%), switching lights off (66%) and driving Hybrid cars (51%) as
becoming standard practice within the next 20 years.

The research also highlighted a gender divide with men taking a more
technological approach through improving insuation or cycling more and
women favouring everyday steps such as switching off lights.

"EveTrevor_mcdonaldryday steps, acorns, or token gestures – whatever you would like to
call them, changing consumer habits is vital to sustainable living,
albeit by degrees," said Future Friendly spokesperson Sir Trevor

"Large scale events have helped raise awareness, an important step
forward, but they won’t trigger a revolution. As the Future Friendly
survey highlights evolution as the most likely option with individual
at the heart of such change."

Four independent non profit environmental organisations will partner
for `The Future Friendly Awards’, a nationwide search for local heroes
who have changed their own environmental behaviour and have inspired
others to do the same.

"These awards are not for grandiose schemes but for that one person who
despite all the doom and gloom decides to do what he or she can on a
local personal level to do something different," said Matthew Wright of
the Energy Saving Trust.

"Things do have to change, and they’ll only change one person at a
time. We all have a responsibility to do our bit when it comes to the
environment, whether as individuals, government, manufacturers, or
retailers. If we can start in our own homes and at a local level, we
can achieve great things together. "

There are four Future Friendly Award categories: The Energy Saving
Trust’s Community Action Award, Waterwise’s Innovation Award, Waste
Watch’s Local Champion Award and Global Cool’s Creativity Award.
Entries close 30th November.

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