Car Advertisement Not “Green” Enough, Study Shows

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August, 15, 2007

Vehicle advertising falls short of U.S.
consumers rising demand for environmentally friendly cars, according to
a new study. Fuel economy has now become one of the most important
element of purchase consideration, the same research shows.

The gap between
consumers’ demand for greener vehicles and advertising is growing in
the U.S. Carmakers’ failure to deliver eco-messages is therefore
costing them already now opportunities to reach mainstream buyers.

These key messages emerged from a recent study by an American marketing
research firm that also found that consumers’ interest in green
vehicles cuts across the entire political spectrum, going well beyond
the image of environmental "alarmists" or "tree huggers".

The results

More specifically, the study found the following:         

  • Only one out of five respondents (21%) who
    bought a vehicle in the past year recalled vehicle advertising that
    "mentioned global warming, the environment or green" issues. Many
    respondents could not, however, remember which car brand was advertised
    as "green", casting doubt on the advertisement’s effectiveness.
  • 60% of all potential buyers in the U.S. are receptive to
    environmental messages, suggesting that the market for green
    advertisement is bigger than assumed.
  • 83% of respondents planning to buy an environmentally friendly car
    cited fuel economy as one of the most important reasons for doing so.


The study was conducted from 17-29 May. The survey sample of 1,023 U.S.
consumers is representative of the U.S. consumer market.

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