American Environmental Values Survey

There is a growing consensus within the environmental community that traditional research and marketing approaches have not swayed public support, and therefore a strong interest in a new approach is becoming prevalent. In order to support the environmental community in their need for new communication strategies and research, ecoAmerica commissioned SRIC-BI to conduct the American Environmental Values Survey (AEVS).


The AEVS is a groundbreaking study that will introduce psychographic research and consumer marketing techniques to the environmental community and arm them with the knowledge they need to better align their communications strategy with the shifting attitudes of the American public. The AEVS is actionable research that provides important strategic and tactical guidance to anyone looking to reach new audiences or be more effective with their existing constituencies and programs.


The survey went beyond standard survey research by adding in a VALS psychographic marketing component.  The VALS system, designed with the help of researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Berkeley, goes beyond simply understanding if someone supports something or not.  It uncovers the values that form the basis for an individual’s support, allowing the public to be segmented into groups of like-minded individuals.  Communicators can the craft an outreach strategy that is well-suited to tap into the values and motivations of each group.  This kind of research and segmenting is commonly used by corporate marketing professionals to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, but has not been extensively used by the advocacy community.


The key finding of the survey was that environmental beliefs and values in America are far from monolithic, meaning that universalist appeals are unlikely to significantly increase support for environmental policy initiatives.  The public can be segmented into myriad groups whose support for or opposition to environmental initiatives is motivated by highly disparate values.  Consequently, a one-size-fits-all message is likely to motivate some segments of the population, while alienating others.  The survey’s findings detail the motivations and values of each sub-group and propose the most appropriate outreach strategy for motivating that particular segment of the public on a given issues.


Download ecoAmerica_AEVS_Report.pdf

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